Bryan Cheong

Financial Services Consultant

Growing up, I would count myself blessed to be raised in a very financially stable family.

My parents worked hard at their careers, did not gamble or squander their wealth and provided my brother and I with a comfortable life.

As they were wise with their money, they managed to achieve their financial goals such as a comfortable home, yearly holidays and my Dad even managed to semi-retire by the age of 50!

I decided that in order to give my future family a comfortable life, I had to be constantly learning and improving my financial literacy.

Hence, despite the stigma from my friends and the Internet about the insurance industry, I decided to give it a go after I finished my National Service, as it provided a challenge and gave me the opportunity to grow.

I learned the hard way that there are two groups of Financial Consultants.

The first group truly cares about providing the best financial services to their clients.

The second group only cares for their own self gain, treating client interactions as just another sales process.

I’m proud to say that Odyssey belongs to the first group of Financial Consultants that are willing to go the extra mile for their clients by thoroughly understanding every clients’ needs, and only then would they recommend the plans that are in their best interests and within their budget.

Under the guidance of my mentors Kevin and Nigel, both my financial literacy and my presentation skills have greatly improved and I am very confident that I can provide the best financial service to my family and friends.

As proven by my parents, my belief is that with a disciplined and proper financial plan, anyone can live comfortably and happily in every stage of their life.

My goal is to be the financial guide to the people around me whom I care about, and ensure that they are both well protected from unforeseen circumstances and are able to live their life to the fullest.

I’m Bryan and I’m here to guide you through life’s adventure!