Grace Thedores Tan

Financial Services Consultant

Like many people out there, I used to not have a positive impression of financial advisors.

If an advisor were to approach me on the streets or via cold-calling, my mind would naturally label them as hungry salespeople who are out to earn my money.

If a friend were to join the industry, I would not want to be closely associated with him or her.

However, all these attitudes took a 180 degree turn when I experienced a series of events recently…

2018 has been a tough year for my dad as he fell seriously ill.

Despite suffering from his poor health, he refused to seek medical attention in a private hospital with a shorter waiting time due to its costlier bills.

After waiting for months to undergo various medical examinations at a public hospital, the results were finally out…

My dad was diagnosed as having severely clogged arteries, and the specialist advised that he had to undergo surgical procedures at the earliest possible time.

Otherwise, his condition could be worsened and he would have to live with further health issues and complications.

However, as my dad was someone who always puts his family’s interests above his own, he decided against undergoing the surgery.

He had the impression that the high cost of the surgical procedure would have to be borne by himself, and that would cause a huge strain on the family’s finances.

Not knowing what to do next, I turned to my financial advisor from Odyssey, Leonard, and sought his help and advice.

Leonard suggested that we take a closer look at my dad’s insurance portfolio to properly ascertain if he did, in fact, have proper medical insurances.

As reviewing his insurance portfolio with Leonard, we concluded that he does have proper medical coverage and that the cost of the surgery could be fully covered by the policy.

After being informed that his medical bills will be fully covered, my dad proceeded with the surgery promptly.

If it wasn’t for the medical insurance, he wouldn’t be recovering well within such a short period of time.

After this incident, I realised the importance of insurance plans and how it can protect people comprehensively from the major risks that they might face in their lives.

That’s how I decided to approach Leonard and asked him more about the industry.

After understanding deeper about how having proper financial planning can value-add to and help people, I made the decision to make a career switch and joined Odyssey.

I look forward to guide you in embarking on your financial planning journey together!