Ho Wenrui

Premier Consultant

Contact: howenrui@aia.com.sg

I was very fortunate and blessed to grow up in an environment where I did not need to worry about my finances.

Growing up, I was taught how to live frugally, to discern between my needs and wants so I would only spend on the necessities in life.

Initially, when I started off in university, I planned to work in the chemical engineering industry upon graduation and had no intention of joining the Financial Planning Industry as I had a typical sceptical view of this industry.

My perspective changed when I met Kevin, I learnt that through this I can have a huge impact on the lives of people and this rang with me as I was reminded of my family’s situation when I was growing up.

I had an aunt that was down with a critical illness when she was in her fifties. As the years went by, we could see that her condition was deteriorating slowly over time and the financial costs of the medical treatment became quite significant.

I felt sad that nothing could be done to cure her illness and that she had limited time left.

This was when I realized that a comprehensive plan would have been very useful to alleviate the costs which reduced the financial strain on her immediate family members, to relieve any further pressure on us who were already suffering to see our loved one in pain.

Nobody can predict whether such an illness could occur to them, and through these protection methods, it can provide peace of mind.

Also, I am a very curious person by nature and when I develop an interest in something, I invest more of my time to learn about it.

So, when my parents exposed me to equity investing, I found the idea of using the money to make more money very fascinating and I pored over it, learning whatever I could.

I figured that investments can be quite daunting at times because of the uncertainty it entails.

Hence, I hope that I can provide my clients with sound advice on this area and I am more enabled as a professional Financial Consultant.

Going forward as a consultant, I would be able to provide assurance and peace of mind for my clients.

I’m Wenrui, and I’m here to Guide You Through Life’s Adventure.