Sean Toh

Financial Services Consultant


I’m Sean, and I’m a former National Olympic Athlete.

I grew up in a poor environment with 10 family members living under the same roof.

It was then when my parents had no choice but to send me away to a foster home until they could afford to hire a helper to look after me in our own home.

Only years later, I could finally return home – however I was malnourished while being raised in the foster home which caused me to be a frail, skinny, and sickly child.

I spent an extensive amount of time in the hospitals, which resulted in huge medical bills being accumulated. That added on a great deal of financial burden on my parents as they had no insurance for me when I was younger.

My parents had to do the difficult thing, they forced me to run and train intensively in order to restore my physical health.

Eventually, this intensive regime resulted in me having a level of fitness that was above average and gave me a huge advantage in sports, specifically running. And I even got selected to represent Singapore in the Olympic Games!

However, enduring the physical and mental hardship of competing in the Olympic Games while studying wasn’t an easy feat, made worse by the amount of injuries I sustained while training hard 6 days a week.

I made countless visits to the physiotherapists and TCM practitioners. Thankfully, I was covered by insurances then.

The difference that it made to relief my family of the financial burden was immense!

One of my biggest takeaways from competing at that level is the fact that our capabilities are often only bounded by our own limitations and self-belief. With relentless resilience and grit, anything is possible!

Till today, I still hold the current National U17 Record for 110m Hurdles for 9 years and counting.

A major turning point in life came for me when my grandfather was struck with lung cancer when I was 15 years old.

I watched as he deteriorated and left in less than a year; I felt helpless.

It then dawned to me on how fragile life is and we should never take anything for granted.

If there was anything that I could have done to help him back then, I would give my all to do so.

From then on, I was motivated to work in the service industry as I find it very meaningful to provide value and help to people while we are still healthy and able.

I also realised that I love to interact with people and this is something that Artificial Intelligence (AI) cannot replace – the feelings, the emotions, and the trust between people.

I strongly believe that this is the best way to work – by building relationships.

Joining the Financial services industry is the best career decision I have ever made – I could truly value-add to the society and concurrently fulfil my own goals of self-actualisation.

The way I chanced upon this opportunity was really due to fate as well.

As I got to know Odyssey, I was impressed by the sheer tenacity of the team.

The bond every member has with each other is more than just that of normal colleagues, and the level of expertise and professionalism is exceptional.

On top of that, Odyssey has magnificent growth potential and ambition that I want to be a part of – to be the undisputed number 1 team in AIA and is a prestigious brand to be associated with.

With that, it resonated with me greatly and life has been exciting and rewarding ever since I took the first step.

Going forward as a Consultant, it is my responsibility to provide relief, support, and a peace of mind to everyone around me.

“It is not the critical illnesses that would impair families, but the financial conditions that they are left behind with.”

Go all out there and grind, have fun, and let me handle your worries.

I’m Sean, and I’m here to guide you through life’s adventure.