Yeo Tze Hern

Financial Services Consultant


Growing up, it was not all smooth sailing for me and my family.

In 2002, My father had gallstones surgery which totalled a few hundred thousand in terms of medical expenses and loss of income. With a family of 5, my mother had a difficult time trying to accumulate enough money for my father’s surgical bill and treatment as they didn’t have any insurance beforehand due to the lack of belief in it.

On top of borrowing money from our relatives and friends, we even had to go to our
mother’s family back in Malaysia to borrow money for my father’s treatment.
Fortunately, my father recovered fully from the illness but our family experienced severe financial difficulty as my father was the sole breadwinner before he was diagnosed with this illness.

Growing up, I saw how my mother juggled several part-time jobs in order to maintain the family. I remember vividly how there were times when my mother will even skip her meals in order to provide for us.

During my years in Primary and Secondary School, I could often hear my parents quarrel over finances at night. Money was always a huge concern for my family as I grew up.

As such, during my schooling years, I was motivated to study hard to be our family’s financial planner in the future, and to be the one who helps prevent and protect my family from facing such financial difficulties.

I was introduced to this industry in 2008 when my sister decided to join the industry as a Financial Consultant. I saw how professionally she handled and took over the policies that she purchased for my family.

Coincidentally, in 2017, when I matriculated into the University, I expressed interest to join the financial services industry after being introduced to it. That was when I got to know Kevin, Reuben, and team Odyssey. Kevin’s motivation and passion in this industry makes me discover my original reason for studying so hard to get into NUS Business School.

In this industry, we serve an important role as we uncover every client’s need and to guide them in making a decision to protect and to accumulate wealth for their future and even any unforeseen circumstances.

I am deeply motivated by whatever happened to my family in the past and I endeavour to do my utmost in serving and accompanying every single one whom I crossed path with to accompany them in making their decisions, both major and minor ones, in life.

So feel free to contact me! I’m Tze Hern and let me guide you through your life’s adventure.

“Financial Security and Independence are like a three-legged stool resting on savings, insurance and investments.” – Brian Tracy, World’s Top Professional Speaker and Trainer.