From Cadet Pilot to Financial Consultant

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From Cadet Pilot to Financial Consultant:
How I Still Bring My “Passengers” to Their Dream Destination

In September 2018, I received an email. An email that I’ve dreamt of since I was a boy.

It read: “Dear David, we would like to formally welcome you to Scoot for the position of Cadet Pilot Programme”. I was finally on the journey to becoming a pilot and fulfilling my dream of taking to the skies.

Six months of intensive theory studies await, along with 14 exam papers. I then found myself in Perth, progressing to the next phase of training. I will never forget the exhilarating experience of throttling to max power and taking off into the skies. Perth will always hold a special place in my heart.

It was also in Perth, where my heart got broken. In March 2020, I was terminated from the Cadet Pilot Programme and returned to Singapore defeated. I was in a deep rut and spent many months figuring out my next steps. I was 28 and effectively, had to start from scratch all over again.

I dug deep and thought about what drew me towards being a pilot. Beyond being in control of the majestic piece of an engineering marvel, I realised that I wanted to feel the job satisfaction when all my passengers disembarked at their destination safely. That was how I knew I did my job and value-added to my beloved passengers.

I wanted a career that could provide me with the ability to quantify the value I give to others. I wanted to take my passengers on a journey and head towards our dream destinations together.

With that in mind, along with other criteria, I found myself looking at the role of a Financial Consultant. Passengers require a crew to operate the flight as they are not trained or competent with the required skills. Likewise, as a financial consultant, I can provide professional services to get passengers to their respective dream destinations.

As I was looking out for the right team and leader, I found myself talking to my Victoria School classmate, Kevin, who coincidentally is the founder of Odyssey Advisory. Our values, goals, and beliefs were all aligned. It felt right. When done right, financial planning should be ethical and personalised.

Drawing from my experience in Perth as a cadet pilot, not every flight will be smooth sailing.

There will be turbulent conditions, adverse weather, or even mechanical issues. However, a pilot will never bail on his or her passengers. Likewise, as a financial consultant, the path towards our dream financial destination would not come easy. There will be ups and downs, sacrifices, and long-term expectations. However, it will make the destination that much sweeter.

What I will give you, is my word, that I’ll be right there with you, all the way. Guiding you through life’s adventure and striving to be the best financial ‘pilot’ that you will ever need!

– David Law (@davidareslaw), Financial Services Consultant