Evan Yang


Premier Financial Consultant


Growing up, my life seemed to be smooth sailing. In fact, some might even say I have gotten it all.

In school, I was never the most hardworking, but I could always come out on top of my peers.

Outside class, I was always being lauded as someone who was gifted and exceled in many things that are not academic related.

But all those achievements were possible largely because of one reason…

My family was well to do.

Since young, I always had the luxury of getting what I wanted and attended all kinds of enrichment classes.

Life was very comfortable.

But it did not last…

In my freshman year in NUS, my dad’s business started to fail, and we had to sell off multiple properties back in China.

My mum lost her job as well and started to venture into her own business at the same time.

Or so I was told…

I later learned that my dad sold some of the properties in order to use the money for my studies and accommodation in Singapore.

My mum on the other hand, did not lose her job.

It turned out that she had fallen victim to a scam, and the money that my dad sent us, all went down the drain with it.

She left her job voluntarily and thought that starting up a business would allow her to earn back what she had lost, in order to piece everything back together.

After learning the truth, I felt betrayed that they kept me in the dark for so long.

My relationships with my parents deteriorated by the days and I made a vow to myself that I will never depend on them financially ever again.

So I left home…

In the initial days, I was scared, thinking how I was going to fund my own education, hall accommodation fees, and all the other expenses.

Back then I was working part-time in a small café. However, the income could never be enough, that was when I decided to join the Financial Services industry.

It was survival for me.

Sacrifices had to be made. I missed numerous school events, and gave up my dream of going for a once-in-a-lifetime student exchange programme.

My grades fell from first class honours benchmark to barely being able to graduate.

But there was silver lining, I was earning decent S$2,000-S$3,000 monthly income while working alongside my studies.

I was able to support myself financially.

But I knew that for me to heal my relationships with my parents, I needed to do way better than that.

One year into the industry, I hit a brick wall.

Having a lack of mentorship and a strong team culture, I found myself dead stuck in my tracks, unable to achieve more.

Hence, I became demoralised and started to have doubts about myself; I was lost. I was on a downward spiral.

A good friend of mine who was also in the industry introduced me to Odyssey, and I decided to take a leap of faith.

Shortly after, my career began to turn around for two important reasons:

  1. Strong team culture in a high-performance working environment.
  2. Great mentorship that provided me with everything I needed to succeed.

This shift in team culture and mentorship made me realise how much potential I have and how I can unleash them.

Gaining a new client is always just the beginning, what we are needed for most is the service that comes thereafter

My sense of purpose was really heightened after making a claim for one of my friend and client, Timothy (not his real name).

His son suffered a 2cm laceration on the forehead due to an accident.

He was so glad and relieved that I was able to help him successfully claim for the medical bills and provided his family with a peace of mind.

Furthermore, Timothy does not command a high income and was the sole breadwinner supporting his wife and two children.

That insurance claim meant more than just a few thousand dollars.

His words of thanks and appreciation really fueled my sense of passion and purpose in the work that I do.

As he came to better understand of the importance of financial planning, we came up with a portfolio that he could sustain financially in the long run

If anything happens to him, his family would be able to move on without any financial burdens.

It is better to be ten years early that one minute too late.

I sincerely hope my story has inspired you to wait no more and act immediately.

I am Evan, and I am here to guide you through life’s adventure.

Melissa Tan


Financial Services Consultant


It’s no secret that my parents had a HUGE impact on the person I am today.

In fact, I’d say they were the biggest reason I’m so passionate about personal finance and development.

They motivated me to pursue a higher education and financial independence as a child. I strived for excellence as I didn’t want to worry them given the truckload of matters that they had to deal with.

A major problem surfaced as my family monthly expenses per month was incredibly high as both my parents had many commitments on hand.

They practically had to work for long hours, and it pained me incredibly as every parent loves their child unconditionally and wants provide them with nothing but the very best.

In addition, my parents insisted to pay for my university fees and didn’t want me to take on any loans as they did not want me to be weighed down with thousands of dollars at a tender age.

As such, they worked extremely hard to pay for it on my behalf.

Till this date, my heart remained full. However, it pained me to see them working round the clock and I wanted to put a halt to that.

On hindsight, I attribute that to the lack of financial planning when they were in their teens as my parents were fervent believers that ‘Hard earned money should be spent, not saved.’

After reviewing my policies, I realised that I did not own a savings plan which could quite potentially tide me through university as well as my personal expenses.

Furthermore, during my university stint, I saw some of my fellow graduate friends earning close to 5 figures in a quarter and deep down I knew I wanted to be ‘one of them’.

It was always my lifelong goal to provide for my parents so that they can retire with a peace of mind, not letting monetary matters weigh them down.

When I chanced upon the job opportunity as a financial advisor, I knew that had to be my ticket out.

Deep down, I had many doubts as such committing to the long hours that the job entails whilst juggling my intensive curriculum.

I was caught at a pedestal.

However, life indeed has its ways of working out.

It just so happened that at that moment, I too, had a friend, Reuben, who joined the industry for a good couple of years.

He shared with me about his job, what it has to offer, and it resonated within me. Needless to say, it didn’t take much persuasion for me to make the final call.

My parents were initially worried whether I was able to cope, but their worries were uncalled for when they saw how much happier I am after I officially stepped foot into the team.

Looking back, it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I realised that my role as a financial planner isn’t simply telling my clients to invest their money or allocate into different plans.

It’s goes beyond guiding them to achieve their financial goals and dreams through personalised strategies.

I truly aspire to be that person for all my fellow clients in time to come.

The last I would wish for them would be to follow the footsteps of my parents. My parents could’ve well retired earlier if they had betterment of a sound financial knowledge back then.

I am grateful that I bit the bullet and went ahead to take on the role of a financial advisor despite the series of rejections posed by friends and family members as this job has brought an immense sense of joy and fulfilment, knowing that I have impacted the lives of friends and families.

I’ll end it with a quote which says “If not now, then when?”

My name is Melissa and I would love to be the person for you to plan the life that you have always dreamed of.


Read More About What Others Have To Say About Melissa

Melissa is an exceptional financial advisor. Her attention to detail and knowledge on financial planning already separates her from the rest. However it was her genuine passion to help others that shocked me. Not only did she help me plan for my finances, but she also taught me to go about it doing it myself. Thanks for giving the man a fish and teaching him how to fish.

Jerome SimUniversity Year 2 Student

Melissa always goes above and beyond for all her clients and being friends with her for a very long time I got a plan from her the moment we sat down and talked about my current portfolio on hand. She thereby advised me on the steps to take and I fully trust in her ability to take on my portfolio as in the past I’m really doubtful of insurance agents trying to upsell me things I do not require. Thank you Melissa for always going the extra mile for her clients and keep up the excellent job so far.

Chua Hui TenePhysiotherapist

I first got to know Melissa she was under my wing for a poly internship. Fast forward, she asked whether she could plan for my finances and subsequently I singlehandedly entrusted my entire portfolio to her as Melissa always has a way of delivering her promises or things that she has promised her clients and even took this day her passion and tenacity has always been one of the many traits that brought her this far. Keep learning and you’ll go far! Thank you for setting an edge above the rest with your work ethics.

Mr KPSales Executive

Melissa sat me down and talked to me the importance of savings as I was always cash strapped and had difficulty saving. After breaking down my expenses I had a clearer idea of where my money was vested and Melissa was really patient and that session took nearly 4 hours. Thank you for setting a high standard as opposed to my close friends who are also financial planners and I’m happy to have you as my financial planner. I strongly recommend Melissa for anyone that’s looking into their portfolio.

Kwang YangUniversity Undergrad

Melissa was patient and explained to me what exactly is insurance as I’ve never dabbled into it and thought that it was high time for me to do so. Melissa has always worked within my budget and recommended me things that I need and for that, I’m thankful. Thank you Melissa and it’s really been a joy to work with you with regards to financial planning.

Chee SongCisco Officer

Melissa approached me quite sometime ago but i was always fearful of having to plan my finances as adulting to me has always been pretty daunting. Prior to meeting Melissa I was already set on meeting another agent. After that night I contacted Melissa and she arranged a meetup solely to discuss on my finances and I’m really appreciative that she even had a proposal done up even when I expected nothing of that as I wasn’t bent on getting a policy almost immediately. Melissa’s attention to detail and financial literacy really made me assured and my vote of confidence definitely made me want to entrust my entire portfolio to her and so I did. I’m thankful that Melissa approached me as she’s someone I knew since primary school and till this day she’s the same trustworthy person that I know. Good job Melissa!

Qistina AtiqahPre-school Teacher

Melissa was my secondary school friend and I was happy when she first approached me for a meetup as I’ve decided that it was due time to get my finances sorted and on the day itself after the session, everything she mentioned aligned with me and my future goals and Melissa encouraged me to start saving young and the amount doesn’t really matter but rather it’s the heart to want to embark on this journey. I found that really impactful and I want to thank Melissa for always being very patient to my many requests and I look forward to working with her in the years to come.

AzzaBank Admin

Melissa emailed the slides tailored for me as well as the budget she feels would work
the very next day. I was impressed and we arranged for a day and I entrusted Melissa with my
wealth accumulation portfolio. Melissa has always proved to be trustworthy, patient and reliable
and I’ve no qualms of recommending my close friends and family members to her or anyone that
needs help with their financial portfolio.

Jerel Tan Jian HongUniversity Undergrad

“Melissa first approached me via Facebook, and I was initially skeptical as to whether
shell just be a “Typical Insurance Agent”. Fast forward to the meeting, Melissa had a comprehensive
presentation done up and even a proposal with my current policies in place done up for me and I
was really amazed as I’ve met many agents and I couldn’t bring myself to entrust my portfolio as
they were either too pushy or worked outside my Budget. Melissa proved to be otherwise as she has
never once asked me to get a policy immediately, but I told her that I’ll entrust my portfolio in her
hands as I really trust her. Thank you for being genuine and thinking for your client’s best interests at

AzimConstruction Services Executive