Reuben Lee

Financial Services Manager


I’m Reuben and I’m a fighter.

To many, my life seems pretty comfortable right now. At 26, I own a car, paid off my student loans by the time I graduated and even won multiple awards in my company along the way.

However, this was not always the case for me…or even my family growing up.

Well, here’s the story of why I have covered myself for over $1,000,000.

Growing up, I did not always have my parents around. I grew up studying in Singapore, while my family’s business was based in Malaysia.

Unfortunately, their business struggled and at the same time, the Ringgit plunged to 3:1. And that’s when things got real…

I recall living at the hostel in Secondary school where dinner is provided. To save money, I’d often survive the day with 2 packets of $1 Milo Nuggets. And that would last me all the way till dinner.

The moment I entered the Army, I made a vow to never take an allowance from them ever again.

…this was a decision I almost regretted when I had to self-fund my university education at NUS as well as my daily expenses.

The cost of education was already close to $100,000. On top of that, there’s hall fees, textbooks, living expenses, etc…

There were days where I even considered not buying textbooks for my modules. But I fought on with whatever savings I had.

However, my savings couldn’t last, and that’s what made me join the Financial Planning industry with AIA. It was a means to survive.

And so I made sacrifices.

I missed important school events. (I chose not to go for any exchanges because it would mean I had to be away from clients for almost half a year)

I was cold-calling clients while my classmates snoozed their Saturday mornings away.

I could hear the noise of the hall social activities while I drew up proposals for client after client in my room in the hall.

However, Financial Planning really hit home on a personal level when I finally got the chance to review my parents’ portfolio.

I discovered 2 things:

1) They had little retirement planning which meant I would have to support them in the future

2) They were under-insured which meant any major accident or illness would have crippled us financially.

The first thing I did was to insure myself for over $1,000,000. This way if something happened that leaves me unable to support them, they could still retire with a peace of mind.

And the second thing I did was to buy them new insurance policies. At their age, premiums are high and I wanted them to be adequately covered without they feeling the financial burden.

It was this moment that gave my fight meaning. Financial Planning was not just my means of survival, but my family’s as well.

I believe that proper financial planning is not just for ones’ self, but it’s one of the greatest gifts one can give to their loved ones.

My client, Timothy (not his real name), found himself in a similar situation as mine overnight.

His father recently met with an accident and passed on. Unfortunately, there was little inheritance, which meant the responsibility for taking care of his mom fell on him.

So we came up with a portfolio that he could sustain financially in the long term, yet if something were to happen to him, his mom and future family would be able to move on without financial burdens.

I’m a fighter.

I’ve fought hard to survive my own adventure called ‘Life’. Today, I fight to enable clients like Timothy to thrive.

And I look forward to continuing this fight for you and your loved ones.

Read More About What Others Have To Say About Us

Read More About What Others Have To Say About Us

Even while studying in NUS, I ran my own business doing handcrafted leatherwork wallets and watch straps, etc. While most of my fellow course mates are caught up with studying, I had a livelihood to upkeep as well. I met Reuben in hall when we were living in the same dormitory together in NUS and we have been friends since then. When I had a claim to make for hospitalisation, he wasted no time to ensure that I got the best care and treatment that I could get, assuring me that everything can be paid for via the insurance plan that I got. Also, while others might be pushing the most expensive version of the policy, he recommended me something more suitable for my current life stage and situation. After which I have gotten several other policies for myself, as well as my mum from him and he has always shown sincerity in whatever he does for us. Insurance is something that you want for a peace of mind; when something happens and you need help, you need somebody on the other side that you can trust 100% to make it happen – Reuben is the guy who can do that for you.

Nicholas TanEntrepreneur

When I met Reuben to do my own financial planning, I was extremely surprised when he told me that the life policy that my parents bought for me years ago was still sufficient for the current life stage I’m in, and that I only had to add on some small stuff to supplement it. Because of that, I could focus my efforts and resources on doing some wealth accumulation for the future instead. Reuben is a person that will be straight up about what you have and what he can help you with - that’s what sets him apart from the others.

Ron SimOperation Specialist

After graduating from SMU and starting my career - financial planning was always on my list of priorities but I had no idea where to start. With many companies having a variety of different products, it was too troublesome to look through every single aspect of them myself. After having a discussion with Reuben, who specialises in planning for fresh graduate, he customised and recommended to me a viable strategy that suits my personality and portfolio. Furthermore, I had policies previously that my parents had bought for me when I was younger. Reuben helped me to restructure those policies to ensure that I will not be paying for something I will not need. In my own career, strategy is extremely important; and personally, I feel that this is where many advisors are falling short - they know their products but do not necessarily have the knowledge or expertise for long-term strategic planning. If you are somebody who truly wants to plan for your future, I recommend you speak with Reuben to find out what would suit you best!

Nicholas HoonInvestment Analyst