Zhang Ruolin

Financial Services Consultant


My mum has always been a heroine to me.

She came to Singapore when I was a baby, in hopes of earning sufficient money for her family back in China.

It has not been easy. She was in a foreign country with neither friends nor relatives. After years of work, she brought me over for the well-known education system.

Life was comfortable and seemed to get better. We were looking forward to our own home that she had been paying for. We lived more luxuriously as she enjoyed the fruits of her labour.

Like many of my peers, I have never wanted to be bothered by finances and I was fortunate enough to stay ignorant for a long time.

But that one day, the strong and independent woman that I knew broke down.

It was the day when her brother told her that he went bankrupt while trying to start a new business. She had lent him almost all her savings at that point of time.

To help him, she had to give up our soon-to-be new home. Furthermore, she took up loans from the banks and borrowed from friends.

With the sudden changes in my family’s financial situation, we moved out from our apartment to a rented room. I started working part time for my allowance and school fees, and that was when I learnt that money cannot be taken for granted.

And it was only then that I realized the importance of financial literacy.

My mum has been working so hard for half of her life, because she believed that it will pay off eventually.

As she pays the bills every month, she tells me that life will be “back to normal” when she eventually clears the loans.

However, without proper guidance, all she had was blind optimism. Despite being in her forties, she is not even sure whether she can afford to start preparing for her retirement.

Why leave your life to uncertainty when you can take control of it?

Life can be unpredictable, but with ample and comprehensive financial plans, we can live without worrying about the what-ifs of life.

This is the reason why I decided to join this industry, so that I can be of help to my mum and let her retire with peace of mind.

In their early 20s, most of my peers have yet to see the importance of financial planning. Therefore, I aspire to be the one who they can trust to guide them through this seemingly daunting journey of financial planning.

Through this, I hope that no one would have to go through the same predicament that my mum and I did.

Glenn Hung

Financial Services Consultant


As cliché as it sounds, I strongly believe in fate and life came full circle when fate brought me to Odyssey.

I count myself very blessed even though I did not come from a wealthy family.

I didn’t have to worry about my education and could always afford the things that I wanted growing up.

As the only child, I had all the love and devotion by my parents who would always do their best to make me happy.

This changed in 2016, when my family received the shocking news that my dad was being retrenched.

He was a Country Manager of a top Oil Field Company and it was his high salary that single handedly supported my mom and I for years.

It was heartbreaking to see him go around hunting for a job again and only being offered labour-intensive low paying jobs like delivery man due to his ‘O’ Level Certification.

I feared that my family would face huge financial difficulties in the future as I have yet to start my university studies, and my dad might not be able to sustain the family financially anymore.

Thankfully and to my surprise, my dad told me he had purchased multiple savings plans which were meant to pay for my tertiary education.

This amount of money was also enough to pay for the monthly expenses until I graduate.

From this incident, I have realised the importance of financial planning and the power it has to protect a family from unforeseen circumstances such as my dad’s retrenchment.

Without it we would have been left scrambling to get by.

This sparked my interest in financial planning as I wanted to be like my dad who provided so well for my family.

It was then when I happened to meet Odyssey through Marissa.

Her mindset on the importance of financial planning and passion in this industry really connected with me.

Through her, I realised that I can also play a part in helping people to protect their loved ones against unforeseen circumstances and to accumulate wealth for their future.

Therefore, when I decided to join Odyssey, my dream is to see every client with a smile on their face because of my passion and commitment in assisting them to make the right financial decisions.

I’m Glenn and let me guide you through your life’s adventure.


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Glenn is patient and thorough consultant who made my life a lot easier as he broke down the difference in the different plans to me and advised the best fit. He also wasn't pushy so I can contemplate without stress. Outstanding service from Glenn.

Yap Yi SeanStudent

: Glenn was a friendly and responsive consultant. There was once I contacted him while my daughter was in the hospital due to my agent was uncontactable, he guided me on the whole process even though the policy was not under him. Definitely, I will introduce people to him, as I believe he was the right person to handle it.

Willy HungSales Manager

Glenn is a very patient and trustworthy consultant. He is willing to listen to your concerns and difficulties before proposing policies that suits and alleviate your concerns. Not pushy as well. If you need a financial consultant, needless to say, I will highly recommend him to you!

Lynn NgPrivate Nurse

Glenn has been an exceptional and knowledgeable agent that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to any of my friends or family members. He has been putting his utmost effort since day one. He is a patient and selfless agent that will explain and advise what’s best for me. Glenn is also willing to go the extra mile to provide the best service and will always check in with me regularly to review my plans to ensure that they still align with my needs.

Hung Kee HaoStudent